Jake Russell Tapleshay

me: self-promotion is like spitting into your own mouth.

also me:

Creative Director


I'm the Creative Director for custom digital ad campaigns at BuzzFeed. My programs are crafted to communicate brand goals in a way that is fun or (at least) useful for internet folks. Links to my work below:



I was trained at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts in Dramatic Writing and Poetry. With a background in formal dramaturgy I launched a career in internet musing and meme-ry. I'm currently working on a few longer projects, but spend most of my time publishing video game news and transcendental nonsense for online publications. Links to my work below:

Game Developer


I build games in my free time-- self taught in programming and animating. Everything is built in GameMaker and designed with Adobe Creative Suite. I do it all myself (which is why you might find a bug or two, so feel free to HMU with suggestions). These are the latest projects I'm working on:


Almost Winner


I am not in it for the awards, which is good because I haven't won very many. But, I have almost won one or two things one or two times:


Script Finalist | 2011

Script Semi-Finalist | 2011